Increasing Your Home Resale Value

Courtesy of information and technology advancement, real estate buyers have more knowledge of their options. These investors have specific needs and refuse to settle for less than the ideal space. Sellers have the duty of making their properties suitable because now, everything counts.
When selling property, consider making a few tweaks that could increase your property’s appeal to customers. The more attractive the property, the more competitive it is, and the higher the price it fetches.
Here are some changes you can make to increase your home resale value:

Increase the Curb Appeal

The first impression is everything. Think of the potential buyers coming over to check the property. You want them to get hooked from the word go. Buyers use the landscape and curb to imagine themselves owning the home. If the exterior is pleasing, selling the house itself becomes easier. Experts say that an attractive landscape increases the value of the home by at least five percent.
Besides maintaining your lawn, trees, and flowers, paint the exterior of the house too. If you are not too eager to garden, take up drought-resistant plants. Also, place some nice-looking furniture on the deck.

Build a Deck

When the landscape is beautiful, the homeowner dreams of sitting down to take in the beauty. Outdoor living space makes your home more desirable because it increases the usable space. Ensure that your deck is beautiful, with unique features that improve the functionality of the outdoor space. The materials you use to construct should be of high quality to increase the longevity of the deck. Experts say that if you choose to build a deck, you may recover more than 85 percent of its value when you sell.

Renovate or Add a Bathroom

One of the rooms that potential buyers show much concern for is the bathroom. Buyers easily snub homes with outdated or not enough bathrooms. Update the fixtures and amenities of the bathrooms to newer models. Instead of converting your extra space into a closet or bedroom, turn it into a full bathroom. Experts say that with a bathroom facelift, you stand to recoup up to 130 percent of the value after the sale.

Revamp the Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is exciting, and it tremendously uplifts the house. However, this one needs adequate and careful planning because the cost can shoot upwards unexpectedly. If the materials cost too much, you may not recover the money spent once the sale happens. Therefore, base the value of the renovation materials on the value of the entire house. If you do it right, experts believe that you could recoup up to 120 percent of the investment you made during the upgrade.

Repaint the Indoors

A fresh coat of paint brightens the home by making it look clean and updated. Depending on the color used, your rooms may even appear larger. Please stick to the neutral colors like gray, white, or beige so the new owners can match their furniture to the room with ease.

Increase the Space and Lighting

Dark, constrained rooms turn off homebuyers. Natural light and inflow of the air allow the outdoors to flow right into the living space. Natural light also enhances the beauty of indoor furniture and fixtures.
See if you can knock down some walls, increase the windows’ size, or add more windows and doors to bring in more light. Removing some walls creates an open floor plan that makes the rooms feel larger. If trees are blocking the light from entering through a window or door, cut or trim them. Use skylights also to increase indoor lighting. When it comes to brightening your space, there are many options from which to choose.
Raising your home resale value is easy but needs a keen eye and a calculated approach. For professional advice and consultation, visit the Whittington Team at La Mesa, California. You can also call (858) 260-2900 to book your appointment.

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